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The results and reports in the field of self-inspection and quality assurance generated during the project are available here for you, enjoy!

Digital Tools

Virtual Construction Management Platform

We have developed a first version of the Virtual Construction Management Platform and you can try it for free for 30 days!

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Passive House design
and BIM

To allow data transfer from BIM models into tools for energy balance calculation and efficiency design such as the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), Passive House Institute has developed an interface, the so called bim2PH concept.

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Energy Efficiency Quality Checks

Based on the results of our workshops across Europe, we have developed user, self-inspection and quality check requirements and defined an assessment methodology for the energy performance gap.

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Indoor Air Quality

Read more about the specifications and indicators for Indoor Air Quality.

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Building Information Modelling

We have defined a basis to develop the detailed process steps for self-inspection and quality checks.

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Thermal Imaging

We developed alternative methods to measure thermal parameters of buildings and suggest precise, fast and cheaper methods which might be helpful in the future.

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Acoustic Tools

Measurements for the design and testing of an omnidirectional parametric loudspeaker prototype were performed. We also evaluated the use of mobile devices for airborne sound insulation measurements.

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3D capture

Get an overview of various acquisition methods and 3D scanning technologies that have been applied within the project.

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Demo sites in Italy
Point clouds and BIM comparison

R2M tested their technology at a demo site in Milan. The scope concerns two kinds of assessments:

  • Monitoring the work progress of the refurbishment of a dwelling;
  • Compare the implemented changes with those proposed during the design phase.

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Point Clouds Merger

Two different technologies have been used for the demo site test in Pavia: a Matterport camera with an extending tripod up to 7m, and a drone equipped with a high-resolution camera.

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Air pulse unit test

R2M tested the air pulse unit in cooperation with the University of Nottingham and De5.

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Smart Building Components

Methodology for quality checks for energy efficient buildings
– sensor-embedded construction elements for continous self-inspection

This paper by National University of Ireland Galway presents the methodology  for  the  use  of  sensor-embedded  construction  elements  for  continuous  self-inspection  and  quality  checks  in energy  efficient  buildings.  Those  prototype  smart  building  components  are  designed, tested and linked to models that predict performance and enable continuous product life cycle quality checks.





The project partners tell us more about their tools and developments!

This is not the end!

Project coordinator Aurélien Henon from Nobatek summarises the achievements of Built2Spec.

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Energy Performance Gap

Irene Ràfols from Eurecat talks about the Energy Performance Gap.

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling – Interview with TNO

Smart Building Components

Interview with Magdalena Hajdukiewicz and Marcus Keane from National University of Ireland Galway


Insights in the Built2Spec project

Building Information Modelling

Acoustic tools

Indoor Air Quality

Air pulse test

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