Quality Checks

Built2Spec will compile and further develop the know-how of various experts within and outside the consortium to achieve an easily usable expert tool and to guarantee high quality construction work.

Indoor Air Quality Tool

Built2Spec will optimize the first analyzer dedicated to real-time measurement of indoor air quality by developing a truly portable version, designed and adapted for field operation.

Thermal Imaging Tool

In the construction sector, the measurements from TIR devices are exploited in a mostly qualitative way. Built2Spec will propose methods to allow quantified assessment of thermal properties of buildings.

Smart Building Components

Built2Spec will implement the novel use of embedded sensors in precast elements in order to continuously monitor both the thermal and structural performance of the building.

Building Information Modelling

Built2Spec will use the information in BIM to check whether the as-built situation complies with the design – not just after the project is delivered, but also during the construction process.

Airtightness Test Tools

A new device enables quick checks (<1min) by generating and analysing a low pressure pulse from an autonomous unit which does not penetrate the building envelope. A robust unit for construction sites, is being developed.

Acoustic Tools

Built2Spec will develop a novel lightweight sound source for acoustic testing that provides a more diffuse field than standard loudspeakers and ensures easy portability and regulation compliance.

3D and Imagery Tools

3D reconstruction aims to capture real objects. This process can be accomplished either by active or passive methods. The combination of these methods can be used to reconstruct a large variety of scenes in 3D!

Virtual Construction Management Platform

All tools will be connected to a Virtual Construction Management Platform supporting the collection and sharing of all project data, from initial design to delivery.