6. December 2017 – admin

Omnidirectional parametric loudspeaker

La-Salle-URL has completed the design of their second prototype!

24. November 2017 – admin

Airtightness testing in Passive Houses

Ecofix and UNOTT have just completed some further airtightness testing using the Pulse system on Certified Passive Houses in Dublin.

22. November 2017 – admin

Prism Awards 2018

Blue Industry and Science is finalist at Prism 2018!

16. November 2017 – admin

Air quality monitoring in Madrid

Blue Industry and Science conducted a 2 day air quality monitoring at the OHL tower in Madrid.

2. November 2017 – admin

Article in Planning and Building Control Today

BSRIA published an article and speaking about BSRIA’s role in the Built2Spec project for reducing the energy performance gap

20. October 2017 – admin

Positive feedback from Passive House experts

Passive House Institute presented Built2Spec at the Swedish Passive House conference in Knivsta!

28. September 2017 – admin

Demo sites in Italy

R2M and DE5 met to plan the next activities at the Italian demo sites.

22. August 2017 – admin

3D reconstruction of school building

R2M carried out a 3D reconstruction model of a school building in Southern Italy.

22. August 2017 – admin

Built2Spec in San Francisco

CEREMA presented a paper on building simulation at the IBPSA 2017.

22. July 2017 – admin

Demo video on air pulse device and VCMP

Have a look how it can be done!

21. July 2017 – admin

Video on BIM

Learn more about BIM!

10. July 2017 – admin

Where do we stand today?

We had an exciting project and review meeting with our project officers of the European Commission in Brussels!