Boosting construction practices through a new set of technologies

Technological Advances:

New advanced Infrared Thermography with portable devices (smartphones) able to use mathematical “reverse” models to compute the thermal properties of building envelopes from on the-fly TIR series of measurements and able to identify classes of surfaces by remote sensing

•The most advanced and useful low pressure air pulse air tightness technique worldwide which will allow testing of occupied buildings with no disruption

Building Information Modelling (BIM) brought to workers in new ways for new purposes and linked to new information and within the framework of the most advanced design and delivery process for the building sector

•A new way to develop rapid BIM models via 3D capture with “Google Project Tango smartphones”

Smart sensor-embedded construction elements (structural, environment, RFID)

•A novel lightweight sound source for acoustic testing that provides a more diffuse field than standard loudspeakers and ensures easy portability and regulation compliance.

•The first true portable field analyser dedicated to Indoor Air Quality offering multi-gas capabilities targeting the most harmful gas pollutants of indoor air in a single device.