Role within the project
  • Involved in all aspects linked with non-intrusive thermal diagnostic and with thermal modelling of the envelope
  • Expertise in sensitivity and uncertainty studies
  • Leading the testing of thermal non-intrusive tools in France

University of Bordeaux is a multidisciplinary University counting about 45.000 students and 5630 staff. UB offers 245 curricula leading to national degrees and about 35 international master and doctorate programs (among which 9 got the Erasmus Mundus label). Its cutting-edge research activities are carried out in 70 research departments associated with major research bodies (CNRS, CEA, INSERM and INRA). UB is ranked top in its fields of expertise (208 in the shanghai university ranking) and has been recently rewarded by the French government for its overall campus strategy for excellence.

The departement “Institute of Mechanics and Engineering of Bordeaux” (I2M, CNRS UMR 5295) founded on 1st January 2011, is the result of a deep merge and reorganization of six former laboratories. Thus, I2M covers the spectrum of Mechanics in its large scale: from Solids Mechanics to Fluids Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Building and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Hydrogeology… Its skills and offers are homogenous and continuous. They require both high-quality and theoretical approaches (behavior of materials under stress for instance), leading-edge experimental methods (in Non-Destructive Evaluation for instance) or nationally recognized and widely used intensive numerical methods (in particular in Fluids Mechanics).

All people involved in this project are members of the “Thermal analysis and materials characterization” research group specialised in the estimation of thermal properties, multispectral imaging and energy & Building.