Role within the project
  • Design of a fully portable IAQ analyser
  • Development of an interface adapted to use by a field technician
  • Training with users
  • Support during field phase
  • Analysis and consolidation of data
  • Potential troubleshooting
  • www.blueindustry

Blue Industry and Science develops, manufactures and sells High Precision Multi-Gas Field Analyzers dedicated to environmental applications. It provides real time information. Thanks to its advanced technology, Blue gives its customers the ability to identify and remove the source of pollution for many pollutants of indoor air. Headquartered in Paris, France, and incorporated in Sept 2010, the company has received funding exceeding 2M€. A technological spin-off of Onera, the French Aerospace Lab, its in-house research teams also partner with multiple research institutions to develop breakthrough Gas Analyzers for the Indoor Air Quality markets.

It is planned that the BLUE analyzers will be used at various stages during the building phase to provide a diagnostic of Indoor Air Gas pollutants, identify the potential sources of pollution in real-time, and feed the information system of the project. In order to achieve this, the following scope of work is needed:

  • Design of a fully portable analyzer: this will require designing and testing a more compact format, using lighter materials or smaller components where doable. It is expected that the integration in a reduced form factor will trigger more cross-talk (EMC, vibrations) issues within the analyzer, which will need to be dealt with appropriately. The goal is to reduce the weight to 10kg (down from 15kg) and the volume to 10 liters (down from 22).
  • Development of an interface adapted to use by a field technician, not specialist of IAQ.
  • Design of the interface with the information of the project.
  • Training of the users.
  • Support during the field phase, for analysis and consolidation of the data, and potential troubleshooting.