15. November 2018 – Built2Spec

BIM workshop in Leeds

Passive House Institute carried out a workshop in the frame of the UK Passivhaus Conference.

8. November 2018 – Built2Spec

Digitals Tools in Bordeaux

A conference about recent advances and perspectives in terms of digitalization for the construction sector.

11. September 2018 – Built2Spec

E-Learning now online!

Built2Spec partner BSRIA has published e-learning courses about airtightness testing and thermal imaging.

2. July 2018 – Built2Spec

7th newsletter online!

We have just started the final phase before the project's official end in December 2018! Everyone is focussing on the testings on site. Have a look!

2. July 2018 – Built2Spec

Facilitate the design process!

Interview on how to connect BIM to planning tools for energy efficient buildings, with Jan Steiger from Passive Hosue Institute!

2. July 2018 – Built2Spec

Built2Spec workshop

The Built2Spec team offered a workshop at the Sustainable Places Conference in France.

28. June 2018 – Built2Spec

1st European Conference on BIM

Léon van Berlo from TNO summarised the BIM implementation levels worldwide and presented Built2Spec in Brussels.

28. June 2018 – Built2Spec

3D reconstruction

The 3D reconstruction approach is being used to monitor the quality and progress of the fit out of a building.

14. June 2018 – Built2Spec

Exciting project meeting in Paris

3D scanning and augmented reality were part of the last but one project meeting!

8. June 2018 – Built2Spec

Novel sound measurement tools tested

Eurecat and La Salle tested the new acoustic tools at a construction site in Madrid. The aim was to compare it to the standard proedure.

8. May 2018 – Built2Spec

How good is our air quality?

OHL end users conducted air quality measurements with the Blue X-FLR9 gas analyzer, using the app on their mobile phone.

4. April 2018 – Built2Spec

Testings on site in Italy

R2M and DE5 are testing the 3D scanning tool and the Virutal Construction Management Platform at various construction sites.

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