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Workshop in France

The French workshop took place in Bordeaux on 22th October 2015. Organized by NOBATEK, it aims to launch a discussion with stakeholders of the building construction sector on “How to improve the quality of the construction process?” The following questions were discussed:

  • What are the issues?
  • What needs to be checked and controlled?
  • What tools and technologies for self-inspection and quality checks are needed?
  • Improving the communication: which needs, feedbacks and solutions?

20151022-Atelier_France_B2S (12)_smallA total of 40 people attended the event, representing all categories of stakeholders from housing associations, universities, architects, building professionals, constructors, building owners.

Nobatek and Built2spec partners thank all participants for their inputs, feedbacks, ideas and their active participation to this joint and shared reflection on causes, barriers and solutions for boosting the quality of the construction process.

A detailed analysis of the data collected is in preparation and the main conclusions of the workshops will be shared soon on the website of the project.



Workshop photos © Nobatek

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