13. April 2017 – admin

Video on acoustic testing

Built2Spec is now testing its technology on-site!

Early this year, Eurecat technology centre and OHL undertook the first test of a new built-in sound insulation measurement technique, in one of OHL’s construction sites near Barcelona.

Instead of using conventional sound level meters, which are expensive and difficult to use by non-experts, the new tests can be performed using a regular smartphone as on-site acoustic receiver. The measured sound is received by a user-friendly mobile app which automatically calculates the acoustic sound insulation index and links it to the building site’s BIM model.

For this initial pilot test, Eurecat used a commercial dodecahedron loudspeaker as sound source. However, the aim of this application is use it in combination with a novel parametric omnidirectional loudspeaker being developed by La Salle.

The results of this first test showed that the mobile application performance is similar to that obtained with a regular sound level meter.  Although this method cannot fulfil ISO 16283 regulations, it can be used as a fast, easy and low cost preliminary technique to evaluate whether a traditional standardised measurement is required.

A new set of tests is planned by the end of 2017.

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