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UK workshop – a range of quality issues identified

The UK workshop took place in London on 17th November 2015. The specific aims of this workshop, arranged by Lakehouse and BSRIA Ltd, were to:

  • Understand the quality-related issues observed or experienced within the construction industry from a representative stakeholder group
  • Define, assess and understand the quality checks and controls used within the house building process pre, during and post construction.


A total of 30 people attended the event, comprising a mixture of representatives from housing associations, universities, architects, house-builders, local authorities, building professionals, charities and other relevant not for profit research organizations.

The quality issues reported by the workshop participants covered a range of themes including:


  1. Lack of skills, knowledge, training and awareness
  2. Lack of communication, collaborative work and integrated design
  3. Roles and responsibilities
  4. Lack of continuity – changes made during design, during construction and post construction
  5. Insufficient information
  6. Cost and time constraints
  7. Supply chain issues
  8. Technical issues – pre-construction stage
  9. On-site issues
  10. Policies and other barriers to work
  11. Lack of testing, commissioning and handover
  12. Lack of aftercare and occupant behavior

We thank all participants and organisers for their input and this successful event! All data collected will be analyzed and a summary of all workshops on user requirements will be made available soon.


Workshop photos © Lakehouse

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