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Testings on site in Italy

In March 2018, R2M and DE5 technicians performed tests in San Salvo (CH – ITA) at DE5 worksites to continue with the long-term monitoring activities to validate Built2Spec methodologies and procedures for future use.

In particular, the tests were focused on 3D-scans using drone capabilities at “Canale” and “Lotto 6” DE5 worksites which had previously been scanned to briefly highlight work progress and worksite management at “TFM building” using features of the Virtual Construction Management Platform.

Michele, a new engineer at R2M, drone pilot and expert in 3D-scan and reconstruction says: “It’s amazing! Compared with traditional scanning systems I normally use during my day to day on-site activities, drones allow me to scan a huge building in only a few minutes!” Moreover, he added “3D-reconstruction methodologies and procedures developed in Built2Spec allow me to speed-up the reconstruction process achieving very good results in terms of accuracy even when scanning high complex geometry”.

Giuseppe, worksites responsible at DE5, says: “The Virtual Construction Management Platform is a good tool to manage the progress, craftsmen, worksites and so on. In cooperation with VRM and R2M we are now transitioning our traditional worksite management procedures into the Built2Spec platform. I am sure it will help us to better manage our worksites in the future.

Photos © R2M/ DE5

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