20. November 2016 – admin

Successfully tested



The National University of Ireland in Galway, R2M and DE5 tested the alignment process of BIM models and real data (point clouds) to evaluate the quality of the results depending on the source technology and captured objects. To do so, they followed 2 different approaches.

R2M and DE5 used a drone to perform a 3D scan of the “Aqua & Sapone” building site. The global point cloud obtained from the 3D scan was then aligned with the building information model (BIM).

A similar approach, but using a different technology and target dimensions, was followed in Galway, Ireland by NUIG and OPC partners. A precast concrete structure consisting of a foundation, 4 columns, 2 beams and 2 slabs was erected in OPC manufacturing facility. A laser scan was used, while erecting the structure, to obtain the required point clouds for further alignment with the BIM. Satisfactory results were obtained from both, Italian and Irish sites.

“Those case studies have been extremely useful to understand the workflow required to implement a potential “automatic” alignment tool, and to assess the expected quality of the results, ” says Oscar De La Torre from National University of Ireland, Galway.



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