1. December 2015 – admin

Successful workshop in Italy!

About 80 attendees participated in the Built2Spec workshop on November 27th 2015 in Pescara, Italy, comprising designers, construction companies and representatives from local municipalities.WS_ITALY (2)_small

“We had a real great and successful workshop”, said Daniele Bortoluzzi from R2M. “The audience was really interested in our project and we hope that fruitful cooperations can be established in the future.” The workshop organisers submitted a survey to the attendees to collect information on user requirements. All data collected will be analyzed and a summary of all workshops on user requirements will be made available soon.


DE5 and R2M want to thank all for their contribution to this successful event. Special thanks to VRM for the demo version of the Virtual Construction Management Platform for practical demonstration during the event.


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