30. May 2016 – admin

Study of self-inspection techniques with IR cameras

thermal2_small Built2Spec focuses on new self-inspection techniques and quality check measures for efficient construction processes.

Experiments are being carried out in Nantes by ENSAN–Ifsttar and University of Bordeaux to help develop new solutions for non-intrusive evaluation of local thermal performance and to enable quantitative assessment of thermal properties of buildings and materials.

thermal_smallThis test is carried out under laboratory conditions. An experimental wall is fixed on a chamber placed in a climatic room where temperature and humidity can be controlled. Several weather conditions are chosen for the climatic room: steady-state conditions (20°C indoors and 5°C outdoors); winter with solar radiation; summer with solar radiation. The solar irradiation is simulated by six lamps. Two IR cameras are used, one for the internal surface of the objective wall (size 100 cm x70 cm x25.5cm) and the other for the external surface. Sensors for measuring temperature and heat flux have also been installed in the chamber.

This experiment will provide the theoretical foundations and guidelines for measurements in realistic conditions at the pilot site scale. We will keep you updated!

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