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Site visits at 2nd project meeting in Galway

The second Built2Spec project meeting was hosted by the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway research team, led by Dr. Marcus Keane, on June 30th – July 1st, 2015 in the Engineering Building at NUI Galway, Ireland.

The site visits were the highlights of this meeting. They included:

They were made possible thanks to Mr. Aodh Dalton (NUI Galway), Mr. Brian Holmes (BAM Ireland) and Mr. Dave Holleran (Oran Pre-Cast) who explained in detail the building design, construction, commissioning and operation processes.


2nd partner meeting

Those informative presentations and discussions focused on the drawbacks of the construction processes in terms of quality assurance. Furthermore, the afore mentioned visits showcased the use of advanced technologies in the construction industry, such as smart construction materials with embedded sensors, BIM, virtual project management platform, GPS enabled heavy plant machinery, automatic machine guidance and the use of automated processes in the manufacturing of precast concrete elements.

The 2nd project meeting comprised of the project management and coordination briefings, as well as technical workshops focused on innovative technologies and solutions for self-inspection and quality assurance on a construction site.


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