6. December 2017 – admin

Omnidirectional parametric loudspeaker

La-Salle-URL has completed the design of their second omnidirectional parametric loudspeaker (OPL) prototype.
It consists of a sphere with hundreds of piezoelectric transducers (PZTs). Each transducer emits a narrow beam of sound, producing an overall omnidirectional acoustic field effect in all directions and at high frequencies. This means that if a microphone is moved in a circle around the OPL, it will always record at the same acoustic pressure level.

The prototype is currently under construction, with the casing being 3D printed.

La-Salle-URL has recently presented the results of their research at two highly-regarded conferences on sound and vibration. The first conference, Acoustics17, was held in Boston, USA, last June. The second conference, InterNoise, took place in Hong Kong.

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