22. May 2017 – admin

How to export BIM into the Passive House Planning Package?

At the 21st International Passive House Conference in Vienna Johan Cristol from Passive House Institute explained the exporting of BIM data into the planning package for energy efficient buildings – PHPP (Passive House Planning Package).

PHPP is an easy to use planning tool for energy efficiency for the use of architects and planning experts. The reliability of the calculation results and ease of use of this planning tool has already been experienced by several thousand users.

PHPP provides reliable results such as the heating demand per year [kWh/(m²a)] and maximum heating load [W/m²], the cooling demand per year [kWh/(m²a)] and maximum cooling load [W/m²] (in case of active cooling) and the assessment of the annual renewable energy gains [kWh/(m²ground a)].

Passive House Institute is investigating how BIM can be integrated into the Passive House design and quality assurance process and how required data for PHPP energy calculations can be directly extracted from BIM models into the PHPP.

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