29. October 2016 – admin

Built2Spec in Taiwan

Built2Spec becomes international! Dr. Xiaofeng (Ken) Zheng from University of Nottingham presented the research and development of the low pressure pulse technique at the 6th Annual International Symposium on Energy Technology and Strategy (21-23 October 2016) in Tainan, Taiwan.

This symposium provides a forum for academics, practitioners, and policymakers from around the world to present, learn, and discuss the latest research findings in the areas of renewable energy technologies, commercial applications, and national government and local community energy policies and strategies.

Furthermore, Zhen presented the low pressure pulse technique at a seminar and exhibition event on the National Energy Program (NEP) of Taiwan, organised by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and supported by National Cheng Kung University, on 26 October 2016 in Nottingham.

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