16. April 2016 – admin

Built2Spec at CIBSE Technical Symposium 2016

Built2Spec partner BSRIA Ltd. gave a presentation on the topic– ‘Low cost infrared cameras for building services’ at the CIBSE Technical Symposium 2016 held on 14 April, 2016. The presentation was focused on the use of low cost infrared cameras for checking thermal insulation and other building services application.

Colin Pearson- Team Leader in the Sustainable Construction Group at BSRIA presented the Built2Spec project results regarding next generation thermal self-inspection techniques and highlighted the need for professional collaboration and interdisciplinary working to integrate leading edge thermal imaging products for improvements in whole life performance of a building.

Furthermore, he spoke about the recent technological developments on thermal imaging in the market with a comparative assessment of the features of a standard infrared camera and the smart phone camera illustrating their mechanical and electrical applications.

A report on the state of the art of the next generation thermal self-inspection technique will soon be available online in our knowledge center.

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