16. November 2017 – admin

Air quality monitoring in Madrid

Early November, Blue Industry and Science conducted a 2 day air quality monitoring campaign at the OHL tower in Madrid.

The aim was to test the monitoring of the analyzer via an application (designed by VRM) on their cellphones. This is completely new as their analyzer is usually monitored via a computer.

The first day was used to set up a wifi connection between our analyzer and the cellphones via a hotspot. As soon as this technical detail was sorted out, air quality measurements were performed in various places (offices, cafeteria, parking lot, lobby), using the Blue XFLR9 field gas analyzer.

All the tests results have been captured on the application.

From this experience, we can conclude that monitoring air quality measurements from the BLUE analyzer via an application is easy and straightforward.

Work is still ongoing between VRM and BLUE to improve minor details and implement them on the app.

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