22. August 2017 – admin

3D reconstruction of school building

The roof inspection of a primary school named “Scuola Elementare I Circolo” which is located in the South of Italy was carried out in July 2017 by R2M. The aim was to show the achievements in 3D Model Reconstruction according to the progress made in Built2Spec. This demo activity was born from a common interest among R2M, a local engineering company and the municipality.

High-quality photos were collected in order to build the Point Cloud of the structure – including the playground, gym and courtyard. From these, a high accuracy 3D model (BIM) has been built as shown in the figures below.

Thanks to the methodologies and procedures developed in Built2Spec along with drones the test showed the benefits in term of both accuracy and time-savings when using this kind of approach/technology to survey huge and high complex geometry.


Photos © R2M

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