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BIM workshop in Munich

The 22nd International Passive House Conference in Munich on March 8-11, offered a fully booked workshop on BIM based quality assurance and efficiency design. Here, participants could learn how to prepare a BIM-model for IFC-export to then either import it into PHPP or into a Virtual Construction Management Platform for quality assurance of energy efficient projects. The workshop also introduced a BIM-enabled and cloud-based Virtual Construction Management Platform currently under development in Built2Spec.

A team of VRM​ Tech​, ​E​cofix​ Ltd​, and Passive House Institute hosted the workshop​ which was attended by almost 40 people​. Jay Stuart of ​Ecofix Ltd​ showed how Ecofix has used the early version of the VCMP for quality assurance on airtightness on a certified Passive Housing project in Dublin.​


A team of Passive House Institute (PHI) described the main challenges of extracting relevant geometry data or energy efficiency properties from ​the various ​BIM models ​and​ BIM authoring tools via the IFC format​.​ They explained​ how the ​PHI solution ​using​ BIM templates works in principle. Aurelia Lippolis of PHI introduced in​ detail how to work​ with ​PHI’s ​BIM templates for Revit​. She led the participants ​through ​a hands​-​on exercise working on a real model on their computers​ during the workshop​.


Neill Ryan of VRM ​Tech ​explained the benefits of online quality assurance platforms, as already used in ​VRM’s​ district heating monitoring platform Clarity​.​ He explained​ how this concept is going to be used in the Virtual Construction ​M​anagement ​P​latform ​(​VCMP​) being developed for Built2Spec​. Together with Jay Stuart he demonstrated how a task can be assigned to a construction site worker to document materials ​being used ​on site by taking pictures ​with the camera on a smartphone or mobile device. ​​The VCMP automatically receives these date stamped and geo-tagged photos in the correct job folder and notifies the pre-selected team members (eg architect or engineer) to view and approve ​the material information​.

Dragos Arnautu introduced the Passive House Certification Platform and how the VCMP will connect to this internationally used platform to provide it with construction site evidence in a ​convenient ​


We would like to say thank you to the organisers, speakers and attendees of this inspiring Built2Spec workshop!


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