20. October 2017 – Built2Spec

Positive feedback from Passive House experts

Passive House Institute presented Built2Spec at the Swedish Passive House conference in Knivsta!

28. September 2017 – Built2Spec

Demo sites in Italy

R2M and DE5 met to plan the next activities at the Italian demo sites.

22. August 2017 – Built2Spec

Built2Spec in San Francisco

CEREMA presented a paper on building simulation at the IBPSA 2017.

22. July 2017 – Built2Spec

Demo video on air pulse device and VCMP

Have a look how it can be done!

21. July 2017 – Built2Spec

Video on BIM

Learn more about BIM!

10. July 2017 – Built2Spec

Where do we stand today?

We had an exciting project and review meeting with our project officers of the European Commission in Brussels!

28. June 2017 – Built2Spec

5th newsletter online!

Only one and a half years remaining! Just in time, as we have started our on-site pilot testing - more information in this newsletter!

28. June 2017 – Built2Spec

Insights into Built2Spec

Built2Spec partners talk about their current activities!

28. June 2017 – Built2Spec

Indoor air quality analyzer

Learn more about the indoor air quality analyzer in this video by Built2Spec partner Blue Industry and Science!

27. June 2017 – Built2Spec

Sensor-embedded construction elements?

Interview with National University of Ireland Galway.

20. June 2017 – Built2Spec

On-site tests in Italy

Drone, Hololens and Google Tango surveys as well as 3D Lidar - all tested at DE5 demo site!

23. May 2017 – Built2Spec

Video on field testing with drone

Project partners Eurecat and OHL flow a drone over a viaduct in Galicia.

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