28. September 2017 – Built2Spec

Demo sites in Italy

R2M and DE5 met to plan the next activities at the Italian demo sites.

22. August 2017 – Built2Spec

Built2Spec in San Francisco

CEREMA presented a paper on building simulation at the IBPSA 2017.

22. July 2017 – Built2Spec

Demo video on air pulse device and VCMP

Have a look how it can be done!

21. July 2017 – Built2Spec

Video on BIM

Learn more about BIM!

10. July 2017 – Built2Spec

Where do we stand today?

We had an exciting project and review meeting with our project officers of the European Commission in Brussels!

28. June 2017 – Built2Spec

5th newsletter online!

Only one and a half years remaining! Just in time, as we have started our on-site pilot testing - more information in this newsletter!

28. June 2017 – Built2Spec

Insights into Built2Spec

Built2Spec partners talk about their current activities!

28. June 2017 – Built2Spec

Indoor air quality analyzer

Learn more about the indoor air quality analyzer in this video by Built2Spec partner Blue Industry and Science!

27. June 2017 – Built2Spec

Sensor-embedded construction elements?

Interview with National University of Ireland Galway.

20. June 2017 – Built2Spec

On-site tests in Italy

Drone, Hololens and Google Tango surveys as well as 3D Lidar - all tested at DE5 demo site!

23. May 2017 – Built2Spec

Video on field testing with drone

Project partners Eurecat and OHL flow a drone over a viaduct in Galicia.

22. May 2017 – Built2Spec

How to export BIM into the Passive House Planning Package?

At the 21st International Passive House Conference in Vienna, PHI explained the export of BIM data into the planning tool PHPP.

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