16. March 2018 – Built2Spec

BIM workshop in Munich

The 22nd International Passive House Conference offered a workshop on BIM based quality assurance and efficiency design.

19. January 2018 – Built2Spec

Great start to the New Year

On January 10th and 11th we had our 7th project meeting, this time in Dublin!

17. January 2018 – Built2Spec

Free 30-day trial of VCMP

Built2Spec is offering a free 30-day trial of the Virtual Construction Management Platform!

22. December 2017 – Built2Spec

6th newsletter online!

In our third Built2Spec year every partner tested their tool and we can go ahead with our big plans for our upcoming and final year!

21. December 2017 – Built2Spec

Workshop on BIM and PHPP

Join the Built2Spec workshop at the year's premium Passive House event in Munich! Thursday, 8 March 2018!

20. December 2017 – Built2Spec

Air quality tests

LogiRep and Nobatek compared the results obtained with the analyzer developed by BLUE Industry & Science and the ones obtained with standards methods.

15. December 2017 – Built2Spec


UNOTT is training Lakehouse on how to use the PULSE unit!

6. December 2017 – Built2Spec

Omnidirectional parametric loudspeaker

La-Salle-URL has completed the design of their second prototype!

24. November 2017 – Built2Spec

Airtightness testing in Passive Houses

Ecofix and UNOTT have just completed some further airtightness testing using the Pulse system on Certified Passive Houses in Dublin.

22. November 2017 – Built2Spec

Prism Awards 2018

Blue Industry and Science is finalist at Prism 2018!

16. November 2017 – Built2Spec

Air quality monitoring in Madrid

Blue Industry and Science conducted a 2 day air quality monitoring at the OHL tower in Madrid.

2. November 2017 – Built2Spec

Article in Planning and Building Control Today

BSRIA published an article and speaking about BSRIA’s role in the Built2Spec project for reducing the energy performance gap

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