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All results and reports in the field of self-inspection and quality assurance generated during the project are available here for you, enjoy the read!

User, self-inspection and quality check requirements – results from our workshops across Europe!

We analysed the context of construction projects across various countries in the EU. This report presents our results regarding construction processes, stakeholders‘ roles and issues, user needs and potential future solutions. Furthermore, it contains information on the current state of technological developments, potential methods of improvement, and requirements for each technical field.


Performance gap and its assessment methodology

This report aims to better understand the causes of the performance gap and to try to
quantify the gap. Furthermore, this document determines an assessment method of the gap from design to commissioning and provides guidelines to minimize it.

Download part 1  | Download part 2

Integrated self-inspection quality check framework

We describe the requirements for the Virtual Construction Management Platform and the basis these requirements are derived from.

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Methodology for quality checks for energy efficient buildings
– sensor-embedded construction elements for continous self-inspection

This paper by National University of Ireland Galway presents the methodology  for  the  use  of  sensor-embedded  construction  elements  for  continuous  self-inspection  and  quality  checks  in energy  efficient  buildings.  Those  prototype  smart  building  components  are  designed, tested and linked to models that predict performance and enable continuous product life cycle quality checks.




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